Spokane Public Auto Auction

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1520 E. Houston Ave - Spokane, WA 99217

About SPAA

SPAA is locally owned and operated by a family celebrating their 30th year in Spokane.

Bids and Offers are solicited and gathered daily by various means and not just via our own auctions.  Depending on the vehicle there may be a better solution to maximize the return and net a better recovery of your asset’s value.

We have developed a large and ever expanding database of potential buyers and outlets, and we categorically keep them apprised of our offering.

We specialize in every form of vehicle re-marketing and have assisted banks and lenders, nationwide, through the recovery and ultimate sale of everything from a compact car, a custom fishing boat, a luxury motor coach, limos…you get the picture.

Let us help you with all your vehicle sourcing and re-sale needs.  We have a lifetime of vehicle experience and can accurately assess the overall value of the unit including it’s mechanical condition without spending a lot of money to diagnose.

We really perform for you!